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New Roadmap for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Jerry Hounchell
New Roadmap for Microsoft Dynamics GP

With a sigh of relief coming from the tens of thousands of Microsoft Dynamics GP users across the globe, Microsoft released a roadmap detailing Dynamic GP support and lifecycle plans. The roadmap (below) shows support dates well into 2028 putting to rest the speculation of Dynamics GP much discussed demise.

What did Microsoft do?
Microsoft changed GP from what was called Fixed Lifecycle Support to a Modern Lifecycle Support model. A Fixed Lifecycle Support model had indicated that there would be a defined sunset date for GP. With the move to a Modern Lifecycle, GP now has no end in sight, in fact, GP now has the same support commitment level as Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

The announcement also included dates when mainstream and extended support would end for certain versions of GP.  

What does this mean?
In the plainest terms, Dynamics GP is not going anywhere. The roadmap indicates that there is still active development and support planned along with continuous services for bug fixes, tax updates and new features.

It also means with the move to the Modern Lifecycle Support model, you can expect more frequent updates to GP that will be more manageable compared to the larger upgrades of the past.

With this announcement, a move to a new ERP might not be necessary for companies who currently use GP. There had been some pressure for Dynamic GP users to move to Dynamics 365 or to the new Microsoft SaaS model, Business Central. This update shows the commitment to Dynamics GP and its users and gives them the flexibility to select or keep  the right ERP for their operations.

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(Graphic courtesy of GP Support North)

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