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5 Reasons to Attend PROMAT DX

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Chris Zimmerman
5 Reasons to Attend PROMAT DX

While most of us in the material handling world are waiting for the return of tradeshows, hand shaking and in-person networking, we are still moving forward in 2021. Our traditional every other year meeting at PROMAT in Chicago has transformed into a virtual show called PROMAT DX (PROMAT Digital eXperience).Promat_square_email-1

PROMAT might not be coming with a slice of Chicago deep dish pizza this year (Lou Malnatis please) but there are some advantages to a virtual show over an in-person event.

  • It’s free and everyone can attend – To be honest, its always been free to get a pass to the PROMAT tradeshow floor. However, with the show being virtual, you can save on travel and entertainment expenses. Now, instead of sending a select few to the show,  your entire team can register and learn first-hand about trends and innovations in the industry as well as investigate any technologies that you can utilize in your operations.
  • Preview week – Starting April 5th, you will be able to login (after you register) and see what seminars and product demonstration are being presented and their times. PROMAT DX has provided a convenient tool that lets an attendee register for the event and place it on their calendar and get alerts when the event is going to begin.
  • Keynotes, Seminars and Product Demos – One of the biggest advantages of PROMAT DX is the vast number of opportunities to hear industry professionals speak on today’s challenges with solution providers introducing new innovations and products to the world. Need to learn about a software to help your operations or maybe a new scanner that can increase productivity? If you are looking for something in the material handling world, you’ll find it at PROMAT DX.
  • Chat and meetings – Tradeshows are based in interactions and the ability to ask vendors pointed questions. While different, PROMAT DX will allow you to have those interactions with the companies you choose to speak with. By navigating to a company’s showcase page, you will be able to see videos, download materials and either chat with a company representative that is standing by, or you can schedule a meeting by using the integrated meeting tool.
  • Networking – Now I can hear you say, how in the world can you network virtually? Using an AI matchmaking model, PROMAT DX can provide you with a list of professionals that match your interests and background. There is a simple interface you can use to start a conversation or schedule a time to chat.

I will be the first to say that I am looking forward to returning to the in-person model for tradeshows, but until that time, this is a valuable event that you should not miss. Kudos to the team at MHI as they have taken the core of a PROMAT tradeshow online and is providing the industry a safe and valuable place to gather and learn.

See you online at PROMAT DX! Get your free pass here.


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